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Since some of you wanted to see a before-after of this image after I posted it to my Facebook page, Flickr, 500 px and what not I decided to write a blog post about it!

Yes, lots of editing.

Yes, I like it.

Yes, I try to honor the original image BUT in this case it’s that much harder… ;)

I was at the studio shooting some concepts and wasn’t actually trying to capture anything at all when taking this image. I was testing my settings which were ISO400, f/5.0, 1/160. 

I used Sigma 50/1.4. It’s a great piece of glass.

So here we go, look at that.


Ha. It’s horrible. But it has some goodness in it too.

1) Two cute models with big ears looking at the camera.

2) Some flying hair.

3) Good light.

4) Enough background for cloning more!

So, one rainy morning I had this sudden urge to edit. I flipped through images I haven’t retouched yet and then these, that I’ve uploaded but haven’t really thought anything of them.

After selecting the frame I wanted to use I gave it a push in Lightroom (I use Lightroom 4, still) first. Sharpening it, playing with the tones a bit, probably added some contrast. After that I opened it in Photoshop (I don’t have CC, instead I use CS6) for cloning and fine tuning. Now it was time for Alien Skin Exposure that I use for tones, grain, sharpening and all that jazz. Finally, back to Photoshop to add textures. (For a tutorial videos go to Jessica Drossin’s page. I sometimes use her textures and really am fond of them!) But for this image I used something else, these two:


And here is the final frame again! Let me know if you have any questions!