Are dog photographers actually dog whisperers like You-Know-Who?

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is far from my favorite. (I don’t think he should be called any kind of whisperer because of his methods.)

Now that we got that sorted let’s get to the point. How much of a dog whisperer is a talented dog photographer?

Please define a dog whisperer, you say.

I use the word to describe someone who sees dogs as their companions and feels connected to them. Someone who is interested in their behaviour and them as animals. This said; you can photograph dogs and other animals successfully without knowing much about them. If you think dogs are cuddly and cute, you’ll do fine. Your job is probably a bit harder, though and you need a tad more pure luck.

Think of it like this: dog photography is a specialty. Just like you wouldn’t ask someone who only photographs landscapes to shoot your wedding, right? And you wouldn’t ask a newborn photographer to photograph your cat. Landscape photographers make us dream about far away lands. Newborn photographers make our right ovary itch.

How about dog photographers then? 

They make us wonder what on earth have I
done to deserve this beautiful creature in my life.

Dog photographers have practiced for years…

… how to create a connection with the dog.
… how to read dogs’ body language (their mind!).
… how to bring out the best of each breed.
… how dogs interpret different locations and distractions.
… how to choose the best background for each model.

And my favorite:

… how to tailor their artistic vision to highlight the dog’s personality.

dog whisperer

Dog photography isn’t nuclear physics, I know. But on the other hand, how many nuclear physicists could master dog photography? Wedding photography? Or how about boudoir photography?


There isn’t enough time in this world for me to specialize in everything that interests me. And to be honest… I’m not interested in everything! But I am interested in dogs. Not just because they’re cuddly and cute (but mainly because they’re cuddly and cute) but because they are my companions and there is a deep connection between us.

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