That one time I googled Seth

”You can learn more about Seth and his blog by typing ’Seth’ into Google.”

That’s how Marie Forleo introduced Seth Godin, one of the most well-known writers of our day. Seth is someone who’s blog and books I’ve consumed for years but I’ve never googled him.

Because I’m the kind of gal who jumps without asking how high of course I googled Seth.

In that very broadcast Seth talked about writing. He writes every day, doesn’t he run out of ideas?

”I write like I talk and nobody I know get talker’s block.”

What he said is so true that I want to remember it the next time I say to myself: ”There is no creativity in me today.”

Because we observe every day.
We think all the time.
We make up stories and give wings to our imagination.

We create with our eyes. We knit the web out of light and shadows and some emotion.

If we write how we talk, we’re never out of writing ideas.
If we shoot like we see, we’re never out of photo ideas.

seth godin writing