Sammy snuggling with mom. 2015.


Elviira on her green sofa. 2018.

Ella in the morning mist. 2012.

Gilda grocery shopping. 2011.

Pii on a windy summer night. 2018.

”Nani carries a genuine desire to serve.”


Wilma enjoying a crisp winter’s day. 2017.

Moona & her dance moves. 2015.

Millie with her brothers. 2019.

Kaiku loving life. 2017.

"Nani has been documenting our family's journey since 2013, and we have been so delighted by the way she continuously manages to capture the special moments of the every day life. She is not simply a photographer, but instead a visual storyteller.”

-Minna & Pekka

Sulo posing at his best. 2013.

Ransu after swim. 2012.

Olaf with his family. 2018.

Tahvo in brushes. 2017.

Uuno having his portrait taken. 2012.

Ebba & Dora, and some hay. 2013.

Oliver on an adventure. 2017.

Piilo on the go. 2019.

"Nani is someone who you can trust 100 %."

Mauno hates Mondays. 2012.

Best friends, Nunnu & Lumi, sniffing the sea breeze. 2019.

Maru having fun with mom. 2017.

Dumle enjoying life. 2012.

Urho on guard. 2013.